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What Is a Master Communicator?
Imagine one who possesses the combined communication skills of Larry King, Steven Spielberg, Ted Koppel and Matthew Broderick. What a dynamic person that would be! Unbelievable, yes. Incredible, most assuredly. Impossible, no, but definitely rare.
When I imagine what the communication skills of Jesus, the Messiah, must have been like, the combined skills of these gifted Power Communicators provides only a starting point. These four men utilize different forums, but they all excel in their individual sector of influence. They have distinctly different communication strengths; put them together and you have a terrific compass that charts a range of communication styles.
Do Jesus’ communication techniques work in a media saturated world?
Jesus was a brilliant communicator and extraordinary teacher. This book endeavors to identify and reveal some of his secrets. Like a CAT scan to observe the hidden structures, this book evaluates the presentation style of Jesus of Nazareth with a modern media lens and through a professional TV media coach and corporate communications trainer’s twenty years of experience.
Jesus’ methods are explored and analyzed to find if they are relevant. Do his techniques have universal application? Will they work in our high tech, high-speed world? The answer is yes, amazingly well.
Communication Lessons
 Using my training as a professional media coach and communications consultant, I examine and find several key strategies, which make up the foundation upon which the communication principles of Jesus are built. These principles have been developed from years in the trenches of television newsrooms and decades of study. These suggestions have been honed in thousands of training sessions with anchors, reporters, politicians, sports stars, authors and business leaders.
Jesus – Master of the S.I.M.P.L.E.™ Method
 In evaluating Jesus’ methods of communication, there are six distinct techniques that he uses over and over again. His approach, message development, presentation, imagery and audience interaction reflect what we modern day consultants and media experts identify as the distinct principles and structure of classic communication theory. I have termed Jesus’ approach the “S.I.M.P.L.E Method,” which stands for the techniques of: Stories, Interaction, Multi-Track, Preparation, Love, and Execution.