EmPowerCom Mission

Our goal is to Empower YOU!  For over two decades we have helped individuals from a broad range of businesses to strengthen their communication success.  Your success and communication effectiveness is our focus which is why our training is customized and creative.

Lynn Scarborough and EmPowerCom associates are dedicated to helping people succeed through Empowered Communication. Leaders are measured by their communication skills.  Learning to master communication requires skill and focus.

Welcome to the A.D.D. world, filled with millions of messages, intense tweets, designer ear-pods and instant messaging.  The flood of information makes it a challenge to be heard.  For decades, EmPowerCom has helped Journalists, business professionals and teams communicate more effectively and thrive in every situation, from news desk to interview, from YouTube to the Boardroom.

Our Philosophy:

Communication is the Alpha and Omega of relationships.  Communication is gift and critical tool that can forge out love or hate, truth or pain that impacts our lives.

Communication effectiveness comes from being ourselves.  It is important to be authentic and genuine.  Coaching provides a mirror that helps us identify our unique strengthens and how to minimize our weaknesses.

We all can improve.  No matter our level of communication experience or skill set, we call all improve; especially when we have the right attitude, focus and energy.

We grow best in a positive environment that is balanced with meaningful and specific guidance. A coaching environment should be a safe place where we can try and experiment without fear of judgment or failure.

Communication is a behavior pattern and skill.  Communication involves all parts of an individual and in order to change requires education, practice, feedback, reinforcement and application.   You can’t think skiing, you have to practice to teach the muscles what to do then with time skill is built.

The good news is that like a behavior pattern, communication can be improved and modified.  Some communication problems, like a poor hand shake, can be changed quickly.  Others, which are rooted in culture or personality style, take more time, focus and practice to see a change.  In the beginning stages, growth and change are uncomfortable which is why people begin to progress; but then fall back into the same behavior patterns.  That is why spaced repetition is imperative.  A series of classes – where people practice, get consistent feedback, and coached – is the best way to address root communication problems and help ensure long term results.

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He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Leonardo DaVinci