TV Coaching

TV Coaching

One on One Coaching

Over 200 News organizations and 3000 individuals know that Lynn Scarborough and EmPowerCom coaching works.  In a world of media convergence, strong flexible communication skills are critical to success.   Knowledge is power and when we have knowledge about how to improve our communication style, it is empowering.

Everyone needs a mirror to help them improve.  One-on-one coaching and on-camera practice help individuals identify their personal strengths, weaknesses and develop action plans to accomplish their communications success.

TV coaching – Broadcast Professionals and Show Hosts

Sessions are available on-site for Television and Broadcaster Professionals within News Operations to improve authority, comfortablity, live shot performance, delivery, team interaction and presentations skills.  Presentations are evaluated based on the Ten Areas of Communication. Coaching sessions are developed to address individual needs and enhance growth..  Specific technical skills and exercises address body language, vocal technique, energy, interaction, teleprompter technique or interpretation.

Media Training and Spokesperson Development

Individual Media training is available for spokespersons, business leaders, authors and ministry leaders who are in the media spotlight.  Whether it is a morning talk show, crisis press conference, network news interview or a radio show there are different, and subtle, rules for communication success for each venue.  Like playing golf with a tennis racket the same tools don’t work, so you have to know and how to adapt and change.

These sessions utilize the Ten Areas of Performance as well as vocal exercises, body language, preparation, non-verbal clues, eye contact, wardrobe. Etc.  Master Communication techniques are incorporated into training and based on the client’s objectives.  The goal is to help individuals be camera ready, mentally prepared and their best in any performance situation.


EmPowerCom Mission

Our goal is to Empower YOU!  For over two decades we have helped individuals from a broad range of businesses to strengthen their communication success.  Your success and communication effectiveness is our focus which is why our training is customized and creative.


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