Success does have a formula, and wisdom searches it out.  That is why it is imperative to learn from the best.  Artists copy the masters and athletes study the winners.  EmPowerCom incorporates the same methods of TV newsrooms to teach people how to become Master Communicators in every area of life.

This is more than a power point lecture with a notebook, workshops are interactive and transforms knowledge into strategic application and daily success. 

EmPowerCom training is custom designed, customer driven, and culture directed to insure both immediate and long term results. Lynn Scarborough specializes in TCM™ curriculum (Training/Coaching/Mentoring)that integrates the “Five Communication Levels” along with cutting edge learning methods that change head knowledge into practical application.

 Strategic Business Communication Training (SBCT)

SBCT Basic is a unique multi-week course that quickly guides participants into new behaviors and communication mastery.  Participants take the DiSC communications style test prior to the class to provide insight into themselves and others.

Participants discover how to recognize and modify their own communication style so they can adjust to others in a multi-cultural environment. This results in clearer communication, less misunderstanding, faster bottom line reports, concise task directives, stronger teams, better interaction, higher job satisfaction and faster conflict resolution.  This curriculum has been developed for managers, team leaders, PMs, Agile coaches, scrum masters, broadcasters and corporate communications. Faith-based version also available.

Communications Boot Camp

An intensive course for teams designed to increase and strengthen communication which will increase productivity and creativity.  Technology, IT groups, Agile teams, Newsrooms and teams in high stress/high production environments benefit from this training.  (Available in one day or two day formats.)

Presentations Skills 101:

This course addresses the critical presentation skills of vocal delivery and body language.  Participants will learn how to improve the first impression, reduce nervousness, increase confidence and professional image.  The class uses the same delivery techniques used by TV News anchors and broadcast professionals. This is highly successful to reduce accent and improve effectiveness for professionals who have English as second language.

The sessions are coaching sessions which allow people to practice the skills through group and individual exercises.  In the beginning stages, growth and change are uncomfortable which is why people need encouragement and spaced repetition to improve.  That is why spaced repetition is imperative.  A series of classes – where people practice, get consistent feedback, and coached – is the best way to address root communication problems and help ensure long term results.


What Organizations Would benefit from EmPowerCom Group Communication Training?

  • If your organization has “disconnects” that are costly and time consuming – Strategic Business Communications Training can identify and correct the issues.
  • If your organization is in the media spotlight – we can help maximize the opportunity and prepare the team for crisis.
  • If your team has cross cultural challenges – try our Communications Boot Camp.
  • If you have managers that have communications difficulties – consider Presentation skills training.

Lynn Scarborough and EmPowerCom associates are dedicated to helping people succeed through Empowered Communication. Leaders are measured by their communication skills.  Learning to master communication requires skill and focus.