Talk Like Jesus

Talk Like Jesus (2)

Jesus – Profile of the Master Communicator
 He is called Master by some and a Master Communicator by all. Born in a barn, raised in a ghetto and a common laborer by trade, Jesus spoke in obscurity, yet his message changed the world and continues to be repeated millions of times each day. Majesty aside, what did Jesus of Nazareth do to have such influence?

Jesus changed the paradigms of his world with simple stories. He used older truths to unravel the lies around him. Like a trumpet, his words shook the foundations with critical questions like, “Why?”

From many perspectives, his life was a paradox. He owned nothing but was the son of a king. He was simple and direct, but mysterious and unfathomable. Jesus was spiritual, but not religious. He lived in harmony with the law, but was not crushed by it. Jesus lived in total freedom, yet walked in total obedience. He was calm in the midst of storms and unwavering in his purpose.

Like all revolutionaries, Jesus dealt with the challenges of public life. What can we learn from the way he prepared his presentations, mentored his team, established boundaries and stayed on message (not sure what stayed on message means?, even when exhausted and in the face of death?

Jesus’ speeches were common yet classic, plain yet complex, simple yet revolutionary, childlike yet ageless, ordinary yet multifaceted, familiar yet unforgettable. His messages have been memorized, analyzed, dramatized and computerized. It is undeniable that Jesus’ words have power and depths of meaning waiting to be explored.


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